Sedunia x Time Auction: Meet inspiring leaders in Kuala Lumpur

This October, our friends at Time Auction bring you great opportunities to meet inspiring leaders in Kuala Lumpur. You can be dining with our beloved eight-time world squash champion, Datuk Nicol David, talking about entrepreneurship with the Country Head of Google Malaysia, Marc Woo, or spending a great evening sharing experiences with the all-time charismatic […]

Kickstart Your Literacy Pathway with MYReaders Today

MYReaders aims to empower the public to take ownership and solve illiteracy within their communities. The launching of the Literacy Pathway on Sedunia enables community empowerment by equipping and supporting volunteers to get involved in literacy initiatives. Such initiatives includes the Kerinchi Literacy Hub programme by MYReaders where volunteers will read with the children from […]

Introducing Group Tagging : a feature that allows groups to partner up effectively

What is Group Tagging Feature?  Sedunia aspires to be a feedback-oriented platform, where your feedback is continuously being heard and discussed. We are impressed by how inclined our partners are towards collaboration and synergy. Group Tagging enables different groups and organizations in Sedunia to tag one another in their respective missions. Using Group Tagging Feature, […]

Jalan-Jalan Cari Kawan, and there is more than that.

“Changing the world one street at a time.” – Street Feeders of KL Hi there! I’m Hannah. At 19 years old, coming to Malaysia from Brisbane, Australia for an internship was a whole new adventure. I am working closely with the Sedunia Team in EPIC to create awareness on the importance of volunteering and giving […]

Launching the Builder Pathway

What does a Builder do? A Builder’s role is to manage and build structures or systems from the ground up – be it a house, community hall, or any other infrastructure. A Builder plays the execution role in the social impact lifecycle, to manage and construct what is needed by the community. This role is […]

Launching the Pathfinder Pathway

What does a Pathfinder do? A Pathfinder’s role is to connect with a community – to identify, initiate, engage, and form partnerships. A Pathfinder plays a core role in the social impact lifecycle that not only identifies issues, but more importantly build relationships that allow the community to share openly with people and organizations. This […]

Launching Impact Pathways

What are Impact Pathways? Impact Pathways are different roles you can play to serve your community while developing yourself. These pathways are specifically designed with our NGO partners from various domains to bring you a holistic experience that includes both learning and application of skill. Visit Pathways » TL;DR You can experience different domains ( a […]

The story of Sedunia.

Many years ago, a few of us began our first journey into social impact, thinking that no one else would join a group of random youngsters on a mission to bring a little joy to the lives of others through a simple community project. We were so wrong. Instead, we made life-long friends and met […]

We are now launched!

Hi there, The baby Beta version of Sedunia is now all grown up, and we’re excited to announce that the fully grown new and refreshed Sedunia is now LIVE! The updated site includes a whole new look – from a logo that better represents the work that we do, to the new colour scheme that […]