Want to make better use of your time this year ? Sedunia wants you to pledge your time to volunteer and be involved.

What is The Hour Pledge Movement? 

The Hour Pledge Campaign wants people to take a selfie and make a pledge to commit a preferable amount of hours they want to spend in 2019 to do volunteer and good work on the ground.

( It is like making a promise to yourself and have the intention to fulfill it )

Check it out: HERE

Why volunteer and be involved?

Being involved with different outreach missions enables a person to be fulfilled. It opens up new perspectives because being on the ground with the community enables you to understand people outside of your social classes and address inequality better. It helps to define your privilege and what you could do with your privilege in the society we live in.

Being together with like-minded individuals for a good cause creates new friendships and eventually an unbreakable support system. Being on the ground with the work opens door to opportunities for people to learn new skills. Be it cutting vegetables for the soup kitchen, reading with a child, or building a home for the marginalized, you get access to learning new skills.

We all understand the goosebumps and nerve wrecks when it comes to going out to the community and meeting new people. Sedunia wants to spark up the momentum and activate people from all walks of life to take the first step to be involved by making this pledge. Because Sedunia wants you to know that we are together with you in this.

Through Sedunia, we can be accountable to each other’s promises and build our own impact portfolio. If you pledge 10 hours to good work today and you give it all to fulfill 10 hours or more of volunteering work, then you know you have a personal milestone to celebrate by the end of the year. Have you felt inspired already? Because we are.

Want to channel this 30 000 hours to your cause?

If you are an organization and would love to be involved by collaborating or sponsoring this mission, find out how you could this by contacting us at [email protected] or contact Siew Mei at 013-4381683.

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