Launching Impact Pathways

What are Impact Pathways?

Impact Pathways are different roles you can play to serve your community while developing yourself. These pathways are specifically designed with our NGO partners from various domains to bring you a holistic experience that includes both learning and application of skill.

TL;DR You can experience different domains ( a teacher, builder, chef, etc..) and the different roles within them while serving and creating impact for the community.

What does this mean?

Within each pathway, we have designed clear paths to show the learning outcomes and the requirements (skills and/or experience) you would need to progress to the next rank. Each rank up comes with new opportunities to make greater impact and to test yourself on a greater level, and is celebrated and signified by the awarding of a Badge.

How do I join an Impact Pathway?

Each pathway is unique in its own ways and the entry level roles may vary in terms of skill or experience required. During the launch of a new Pathway, it will be clear which related workshop or mission you can join to get started on your journey as a builder / chef / teacher / etc…

How do I start an Impact Pathway?

We have a few Impact Pathways lined up and are looking for even more experiences to provide our users. If you are an NGO/domain leader/organization/individual and would like to co-design an Impact Pathway, we would love to hear from you.

Kindly reach out to us at:

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