The story of Sedunia.

Many years ago, a few of us began our first journey into social impact, thinking that no one else would join a group of random youngsters on a mission to bring a little joy to the lives of others through a simple community project.
We were so wrong.
Instead, we made life-long friends and met like-minded people who were hungry to serve and make genuine impact but did not know where, what, how to get started or who to do it with.

Photo Credit: Fazil Fuad
So we took a moment and thought… what was holding us back from serving others in the first place? Why did we think others would be apathetic? Why were we so sure that no one would join us?
And it boiled down to this:  we believe that, for most of us, the cause for inaction is loneliness and the overwhelming feeling it gives us when we believe that the little that we do wouldn’t amount to much, that no one else cares or worse still; that other people will mess up your effort.
That day proved otherwise. We believe that when enough people get together, small but purposeful actions can actually amount to great change.

Photo Credit: Fazil Fuad

We believe that our very reason for existence is to go beyond ourselves, either for others in our present moment or for our future generations.

Serving others isn’t about completing a checklist, getting extracurricular scores or a feel-good moment. It’s actually what we do naturally with friends, family and loved ones. But with a little more effort, imagine the amount and depth of lives you can change around you.

Imagine if it became a way of life itself.

Today, we are extremely excited to present Sedunia. With Sedunia, we seek to empower the everyday person with the capacity to make an impact for the places and people around you, together with other awesome people so you’ll never feel or be alone.
We hope that as you explore and use the platform, you’ll share your feedback with us so we can learn from you, too!
A big thank you Cilisos for sharing our story! Click here for an overview of the purpose, features and future of Sedunia.

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